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Debt Slavery, Economic Collapse and Bitcoin (07.10.2017)

World's debt is about to reach $220 trillion soon which is about 330% of the world's annual economic output (GDP). If you can't see the danger in these numbers, let me put it this way: we spend/loan 3.3 times more than what we make. But how is that possible?
We live in a system that is based on debt. Everyone who have an income is part of this system. Now, you might think that it has nothing to do with you because you are a "debt free" person, but it is not that simple. Because you have a significant share on "National Debt" as well. Huge amount of money that is collected from tax payers are used for paying National Debt and its interest. Taxes are collected for better service and goods, but reality is different today. Now, if you are debt free and have some savings that is bringing you good rate from the bank, you may can consider yourself as a lucky member of small minority that benefits from this system. If that's the case, this article can save you too from the upcoming crash.
There is surely personal responsibility for taking loan for more than you can pay, but it is a two way street. Banks continue to give away loan without knowing or caring if the person is eligible to pay it back or not. Because most of those loans are considered as high risk, their interests are very high. In most cases, bank manages to collect more than the capital which makes it more attractive for them. So, they don't really care whether or not they will be able to get the entire amount that is written on the loan contract.
They are part of this game. They watch more people becoming a slave everyday and do nothing about it. There is only one way to explain that. They are part of this game, and surely as a member of minority. Most politicians have a business background as well. So if you are looking for help, it is surely not them who you are going to get it from.
This system was created for one thing and one thing only: Modern day slavery. More money they manage to loan you harder and longer you need to work for the wealthy 1%. Those people control everything. They are your boss as they own the company you are working at, they control the media which is news you watch and paper you read everyday. They control your bank account because it is their bank. Because they have the power, it's been impossible to get out of this loop. But now, we have a game changer. It's called BITCOIN.
Numbers are alarmingly high. This bubble is about to burst and all it takes is a small panic. You don't need to be too old to remember 2007-2010 crisis, or Greek government-debt crisis just a few years ago when people were not able to withdraw even their own money from banks. Do you think your bank will pay you what you own in case of an Economic chaos?
This is why they are so scared of Bitcoin. This is why they tell you it is a bubble and you shouldn't invest in it. This is why Jamie Dimon, the CEO of one of the biggest financial service firm called Bitcoin a "fraud" a few weeks ago. Because you have chance to not only start over, but also create a better future for next generations. They control everything because they control your bank account. If you change that, you will feel the greatness of freedom for the very first time in your life.

A closer look at first Bitcoin Transaction. Here is how it happened (31.07.2017)

We all know the story. However, i will show you some interesting stuff about this popular story.
This is Laszlo Hanyecz posting what kind of pizza he wants and of course the price he is going to pay. About $15 million in todays value.
This is the funny part. 3 days of waiting and still nobody accepts his offer...
And the next, the first purchase of a good with bitcoin happens.
The guy that bought this pizza for 10k BTC is known by username Jercos. I can´t find his profile on bitcointalk forum. His real name is Jeremy Sturdivant. You might think that he is lucky, but rumors are that he sold the coins around $400 in total. Just like all early Bitcoin owners who sold their coins for so little profits.
And the last picture is about laszlo receieving 1 BTC gift from a generous bitcointalk user.

Rumors about Genesis-Mining "Hack incident" (31.07.2017)

Some of you may already heard about Genesis-Mining hack incident, but for those that don't, i will go through the story briefly once again.
On 21st of July, GM customers received their last payment which was for 20th of July mining. At first, users thought the delay payment was nothing but a technical issue which had happened in the past too, but after a few days questions and complains started to arrive in their mail box. At first, GM announced that it was a technical problem, but a few days later, they announced that some attackers gained access to their hot wallet. The announcement was ensuring that all funds were going to be fully reimbursed.
As the recovery process goes rather slowers, GM processed only 2 more "daily-payment" to its customers. The lack of communication and timing of this incident raised some further questions which led rumors to spread on social media platforms.
Even most recent Bitcoin users understood the idea that you can get as much BitcoinCASH as the Bitcoin you have in your wallet when hard-fork takes place in a few days. Although, it is not predicted to worth so much yet, it may still allow BCC owners to make some profit. This is also the main reason for altcoins to plummet in the last week. To explain in simple words, it seems like a time to delay your payments if you own someone any crytocurrency.
The market was not so hard to read. If you are an experienced trader in cryptocurrency market, you could make some extra coins. Of course things can always go wrong with that kind of invesment, but it surely was a on of the least risky time.
Strangely, GM did not present an evidence to its customers. In fact, not a single detail was given except saying that attackers gained access to one of their wallets. This "We have been hacked" announcements seems to be appearing too often in cryptocurrency world recently. If you are following altcoin ICOs closely you might have noticed it. I think we should be asking more questions rather than getting disappointed and accepting it when this kind of announcements are posted by companies.
It is only hours left untill hard-fork and most of customer coins are still on hold. I believe they will eventually pay all funds but, i will be surprised to see them appearing on wallets before 1st of August. Once again, I hope i will be wrong. Stay safe!

Do you want to know what a Bull Trap is? Take a look at Bitcoin price index right now!(17.07.2017)

About 2 weeks ago, i shared this post; "Why Bitcoin price has to fall to rise again...", and 3 days ago, i posted this; "Save some cash! Bitcoin is about to see under $2000".
I am not writing all these to say "I told you so". I just want to share my thoughts and next prediction. Bitcoin price dropped as low as $1830 yesterday(bitstamp). Today morning, it recovered slightly as people could transfer money from banks and buy cheaper Bitcoin. Although it might sound like a good idea as the price dropped of 34% from its all-time-high of $3,000(June), things are never that simple in the market. Besides, if you are buying at the sime time as the majority do and selling at the same time as them, you are surely doing something wrong.
I will try to keep it short and simple. I strongly believe that its recent price pump is nothing but a bull trap. Price will definitely touch $1800 and maybe even fell below that. If you have a look at the index, you can see that this last movement is a clear bull trap. It is smart move to buy and sell since this movement was not a surprise, but i think long term investments should be considered once again.
I expect to see even stronger crash very soon as bears made their first short profit with this last movement, and they are about to sell again to realize it.
Above article is not, and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation.

Save some cash! Bitcoin is about to see under $2000(15.07.2017)

It´s been a while since i wrote about the market situation and my expectations. If you are a close follower, you probably know that i follow Bitcoin price very closely. Things have been very unclear last couple of months, but as we get closer to 1st of August Bitcoin price charts start to show some signs.
I`ve literally been keeping an eye on Bitcoin chart for the last 2 weeks as i had the feeling that BTC dump was on the way. In fact, i`ve sold all my btc couple of days ago(I think i was even a bit late) to take my position before new SegWit hits the market. Now, it seems like dump is about to start and Bitcoin whales are making their last moves. I`ve always been a cautious BTC trader(unfortunately), therefore i chose the least risky way during this period. Although i am strongly against the whole idea of SegWit, i believe that majority of the miners will adopt this new system and we will not see a hard fork. At least for now.
Things might seem clear once you read the post, but as a trader(particularly in cryptocurrency market), you always need to think about the amateurs in the market as they form the majority of this community. At the end of the day, their actions will effect the BTC price since biggest Bitcoin holders are no longer in action to make money because they simply don`t need to.
SegWit and Hard Fork discussions are so complicated, even some old Bitcoin users can`t wrap their minds around it. This will cause them to sell their coins until market is more clear. My personal opinion is that it is the time to sell Bitcoin.
The next step is to figure out when to buy it again. It is early to say something about it since we still have 2 weeks to go before new SegWit is in operation, but i will surely share my thoughts in near furute. If you like my post please follow and upvote. May god bless BITCOIN.
Above article is not, and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation.

True Flip: A blockchain based lottery...(07.07.2017)

I have been watching lottery and gambling sites very closely due to my free lance job for the last couple of years. I remember hundereds of sites and projects in this period. Most of these sites did`t last long as they turned out to be a scam, some of them simply stopped the service, and a few left ones can`t get enough players as the community can`t tottally trust them.
Finally, there is a lottery site where you can try your luck without being worried. It is called True Flip. What makes this project so special is that like every other decentralized system, you do not need to trust a third party. It is transparent, open source blockchain lottery. I could go more into details and show the algorithm, but i know most of you whether don`t know much about the basics of the system or read enough in the past to find it boring. In case you want to read more about it, please visit Whitepaper page to check it out.
Buying a ticket is very simple for the players. You visit website and register with an e-mail address. There is no need for any other information, so it allows players so the be completily anonymous. This is another benefit of using True Flip. No body will know if you win a prize. Once you register, you can deposit and buy a lottery ticket. You can use Bitcoin as well as LTC, DASH and ETH for depositing. A ticket is played by choosing 5 numbers among 49 number (from 1 to 49) and adding an additonal number in the add among 26 numbers (from 1 to 26). There is also auto-fill option for the tickets. It is basically like a normal lottery and winning table and possibilities are above. Current jackpot is over 41BTC and i think it will not take long before we start seeing 3 digits numbers there. Lottery runs take place every day at 08:00 PM (GMT).
Once you sign up, you will be able to get your very first ticket for FREE. Fill-out this form and you will be able to play one lottery ticket for free. There is also a generous affiliate program which gives you lifetime 2% of all your ref earnings. It means if a referral of yours hit the jackpot 5 years later, you will stil receive %2 of what they won, and this rewar will be coming from marketing budget so your friend will not be loosing anything. Additional to this system, you also get one free lottery ticket for each referral that registers via your link. According to their Whitepaper, a few other lottery systems will also be added in the future.
This is only the start of this incrediable project. The ICO just started today and it is a great oppurtunity for those who are looking for a promising project to invest money in. You can visit and check out details for it.

Bitcoin faucets. Are they really worth it?(06.07.2017)

Its been almost 5 years since I heard the word "Bitcoin" for the very first time. Back in that day, I was investigating ways to hide assets as an accountant who were interested in this kind of subjects. Funnily enough, after doing some research I ended up on some Bitcoin faucet site, and thats how I met Bitcoin. At first, I bought some Bitcoin to try it. I also became very intrested in faucets. Today, Faucets are about to become a history, and most of us think that they are nothing but waste of time. But, are they really? When I think about these days where I were able to claim more than 3000 satoshi -and let me say there were unlimited sites to to do that all day- It was indeed possible to collect a lot of Bitcoins which was still worth same amount of USD as what you can make today.
I have to admit that I saw the potential in the future of Bitcoin and started to collect as much as I could. So, was it really worth it? Every second of it. In fact I even created a site called where I promoted a list to collect more BTC via my referrals. I can`t help but wonder, How big difference it would make if I had started even earlier? Here is a flashback screetshot that might give you an idea that is quite disturbing. Today, I have one question that keeps me up at night. Is history going to repeat itself once again?

Why Bitcoin price has to fall to rise again...(02.07.2017)

I have come across a discussion on one of the famous Bitcoin forums yesterday. While the subject of the topic was about possible Bitcoin price fall, most of the comments were about how it is very unlikely that Bitcoin price can see below $2000 again and what a great year 2017 has been so far with skyrocketing BTC price.
As an early Bitcoin adopter, I have always had my faith in Bitcoin. Reading all these comments from other Bitcoin investors reminded me something. Only a few months ago, entire Bitcoin community were talking about block size problem and how it could cause an unnatural hard-fork. These discussions became so serious, in fact on of the largest Bitcoin exchange market Poloniex published an announcment declaring what position they would take in case of a hard-fork( As you might remember, this caused Bitcoin price to crash badly.
Just like in stock-market, it seems like recent green numbers made people forget about all the bad memories.
I feel like I am the only one who remembers the fact that those problems still remain. SegWit only gave Bitcoin some time to breath rather than solving its problems. Soon enough, we will start discussing enormous transaction fees and block size problem which will lead to serious hardfork rumors once again.
Bitcoin price reached an all-time high of $3,000 on June 12 and is oscilating arround $2,500 since then. While these numbers surprised most of Bitcoin users and led media to pay more attention on Bitcoin, early adopters like me knew that it was not nowhere near its potential.
Bitcoin price is going to skyrocket. Double, triple and even pass $10.000 dream, but not before its problems are solved. Once the community gets more realistic and start working on problems, we will see a dramatic price fall. This is an inevitable upcoming event yet very beneficial for the future of Bitcoin.

How to pay your next vacation by Bitcoin?(25.06.2017)

I already started to plan my summer vacation. Although It is very exciting time of the year, It might get a bit stressfull sometimes. But this time, I decided bring more fun into the process and pay it by Bitcoin. By that, I mean plane ticket and accomondation. Thanks to , an American online Travel agency who were one of the first companies that made it possible for us.
The process is exactly the same and, there is not a significant price difference. So you don`t really have to pay a fortune just because you want to pay by Bitcoin. Their exchange rate is not perfect but, It is not the worst I have seen. Besides, expecting a great exchange rate from this kind of services is unrealistic.
If you decided where you want to go and choose your plane tickects with a matching accomandation, you will arrive below page where you can choose Bitcoin as a payment method and fill out necessary information. The next step is the best part in my opinion. In fact, paying for something has never been that fun.
The agency also have some advantages. For example, If the price goes down after you buy a plane ticket, they`ll give you a travel credit for the difference, up to $100. But please note, this is not a cashback. You will get a voucher which you can spend in your next booking.